Friday, August 17, 2007

Homeless Man Not On Message

Police accuse homeless man of parkway vandalism
Aug 17, 2007 3:00 AM
Scott McCabe, The Examiner

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - U.S. Park Police arrested a homeless man they say is responsible for writing hate-filled and pornographic messages along the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Arlington County Police picked up 47-year-old Ronald Bost on Thursday on a warrant for destruction of property and turned Bost over to U.S. Park Police, who recently released information about Bost being a prime suspect in at least 14 vandalism cases.

The crudely scrawled messages are drawn in a black-ink marker, usually on trash cans along the bike trail of the George Washington Parkway. One message says “Heil Hitler!” Another calls President Bush a criminal, and another contains a swastika. Sometimes the vandal posts pornographic clippings, Sgt. Robert LaChance said.

Bost has been arrested six times by U.S. Park Police in connection with similar crimes since 1997.

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Anonymous said...

Did you bother to find out why he's homeless?? It turns out the Jews took his house!